Monitoring and optimization of the real-time
Increased driving comfort through torque-based steering support
Increased driving comfort through torque-based steering support
Monitoring and optimization of the drive setup in real time
Quality determination of the mix for just-in-time further processing
To support the forces
Monitoring and optimization of the drive setup in real time

Off-highway - no task is too big for these machines.
Neither for us.

Excavators, bulldozers, concrete pumps: These special machines have to get into action off the road. Off-highway vehicles are often used in challenging terrain, for example on uneven sandy ground or mud. In addition, the machines must function smoothly even under heavy soiling and other extreme conditions. Any damage to the vehicles causes expensive repairs and unnecessary breakdowns. NCTE has developed sensors that protect your off-highway fleet and make it more efficient.

How we can make
your special machines safer

Our torque sensors measure and analyse critical processes in your special machines and provide you with all relevant data in real time. How does it work? Our non-contact technology measures torque directly on the shaft. If required, it can resolve each individual gear mesh individually, thus making it transparent to you what is happening in your machines. This gives you the opportunity to optimize your off-highway machines and avoid overloads. The NCTE sensors are particularly robust and can also be used on large construction sites and in the field without any problems - they measure reliably and accurately even in case of strong vibrations, a lot of dirt or extreme temperatures.

The advantages of our sensors for
off-highway machines at a glance

  • Very easy to integrate also as retrofit
  • Non-contact and wear-free measurement
  • Very robust and insensitive to dirt, oil, water and extreme temperatures
  • Works independently from speed
  • Higher efficiency and better overload protection/li>
  • Fewer machine failures

Those special machines
use our measuring technology

We support our customers in the off-highway sector in very different areas: For concrete pumps, for example, we measure the load on the support legs. This protects the entire machine from overload, thus avoiding expensive damage and maintenance work. Especially in the off-highway sector, our customers benefit from the fact that our sensors are robust and insensitive to challenging environments.
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