Agriculture: Use Cases of the Contactless Sensor Technology

Data is the harvest of the future in digital agriculture. With sensor technology, agricultural companies not only reduce raw material costs, but also meet the requirements of an increasingly green industry.

A Challenging Situation:
Modern agriculture is a dynamic system, allowing farmers to increase profits while ensuring a year-round supply of agricultural products. Yet, it faces significant challenges like the imminent doubling of demand in the next 15 years, rising fuel and fertilizer costs, unpredictable weather patterns, and stringent sustainability regulations.

A Modern Solution:
Our sensors redefine precision with straightforward installation and non-contact torque and speed measurement on the drive shaft. This unique measurement technology guarantees long-term stability, maintenance-free operation, and resilience against the rugged environmental conditions encountered in the field. 

Use Case: Unleash Precision in Baling Operations

Mastering Baling Efficiency: NCTE torque sensors redefine baling precision, accurately measuring torque during hay handling for improved bale compaction and overall pressing behavior.

Boosting Productivity: NCTE torque sensors monitor the compression process, ensuring an optimal level of consistency in every bale and heightened productivity.

Real-Time Precision: Farmers engage in real-time data analysis enabled by NCTE sensors, ensuring the baler operates at peak efficiency. With senosr technology users reduce waste, optimize overall performance, and embrace the future of precision agriculture.

Use Case: Torque Measurement for Rotary Harrows

Our torque sensors deliver critical data that revolutionizes the development and serial production of rotary harrows. This invaluable information aids decisions on factors like the ideal number and shape of tines, taking agricultural efficiency to new heights.

Safety is paramount: The NCTE torque sensor acts as a vigilant guardian, protecting against damage from overloading, obstructions, and other operational challenges. This ensures a safer and smoother user experience, reducing uncertainties and enhancing overall performance in rotary harrow operations.

Farm with confidence, cultivate with precision! Users embrace the future of agriculture with NCTE torque sensors.

Use Case: Reduction in fertilizer consumption by double-digit percentages

When our torque sensor meets a disc fertilizer spreader, magic happens! Farmers experience a game-changing reduction in fertilizer consumption by double-digit percentages. Real-time measurement guarantees an even distribution across the field, promoting efficient nutrient utilization, healthier plants, and ultimately, higher yields.

Farmers not only save costs and boost profitability but also become stewards of the environment and fertilizer regulation. Users embrace precision agriculture with NCTE for a sustainable, efficient, and profitable farming future.

Use Case: Development of agricultural machinery

Our torque sensor PTO 7300 is a compact and easy solution that propels agricultural machinery manufacturers to new heights in their development endeavors.

With a hassle-free installation and plug-and-play functionality (just one USB cable), manufacturers can establish control loops and conduct field tests with ease using a laptop or analog output signals. The PTO 7300 is 12 cm smaller and 9 kg lighter than the previous model PTO 7000 with the same couplings. The sensor for the power take-off of tractors is equipped with the 1 3/8″ 6 teeth gear standard for immediate use and can be mounted between the tractor and the attached agricultural machine without tools.

Our sensors provide real-time monitoring of operational conditions and wear for proactive maintenance, supplying invaluable data for the development work of farm machinery manufacturers during field tests.

Agriculture: Use Cases of the Contactless Sensor Technology