Individual sensors for unique projects

Since 2003 NCTE has been researching and developing sensors that can measure forces such as torque, bending and shear. Our standard products are ideal for numerous applications - we offer a wide range of models that can be used for test benches, vehicles, medical equipment and much more and can be delivered within two weeks:

However, we are not only able to make standard products, but also tailor-made sensors: If you need special measuring technologies, we are the right partner for you. We love new challenges and work with you to develop the solutions you need.

How to reach your goal together with NCTE

We see ourselves as partners to our customers. That means to us: We cooperate closely with you to achieve the best result together. Simply tell us for which application you need sensors, what your goal is and in what conditions you want our sensors to work - our NCTE team of experts will then develop solutions in cooperation with you. This applies not only to our sensor technology: We also help you to process and use the measured data - for example to avoid overloads and thus expensive maintenance of your machines.

Where our customized sensors are already working

NCTE technology is used in numerous areas - from vehicle technology to wind turbines and medical equipment. Our individually developed sensors for torques and other forces are becoming increasingly important in motor sports, for example: Since the ban on refuelling in several racing series has been introduced, the teams have been concentrating more on tire changes and impact wrenches. To ensure that this area works smoothly, efficiently and precisely, our technology is often used - we offer customer-specific conversion to monitor the tightening torque of the screwdrivers and allow extensive evaluations. For example, we can detect, store and evaluate the loosening and tightening process separately.

Our individual solutions also make sense for racing motorcycles: In the two-wheeled racing machines, space in the gearbox is very limited, each additional weight affects driving behaviour. We can install our compact measuring coils inside a hollow shaft and measure torques - in real time and precisely and reliably even in case of strong vibrations.

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