Examination of
power output
Replace existing weight reduction systems
Detects the load situations during take-off and landings
Ensures reliable operation

We make aviation
easier and more reliable

Aircraft and helicopters should be particularly robust and require as little maintenance as possible, while being as lightweight as possible. Any additional weight increases fuel consumption and thus costs. Our torque sensors are therefore particularly lightweight with maximum reliability - so that you can fully concentrate on your flying expertise.

NCTE Torque Sensors
for Aircraft and Helicopters

We use the magnetostrictive principle for our sensors - this means that we can intelligently upgrade your mechanical components and measure forces and torque directly. This works without contact and thus saves maintenance and repairs. Our torque sensors can, for example, replace mechanical overload clutches (torque limiters), thus helping you to save weight, costs and fuel for your aircraft and helicopters.

Robust and precise above the clouds –
our technology in a long-term trial

We want to offer you the most reliable sensors. Therefore we test our products meticulously and over long periods. As part of the fourth aviation research program (LuFo 4) of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, we tested how robust NCTE technology is. The result:

„Despite over 2 million load cycles, 68 temperature cycles and 120 hours of vibration, the sensors continue to deliver accurate results.“

In the test, there were no serious measurement distortions even after 8 weeks of one-sided stress to the sensors. Conclusion: Our magnetostrictive measuring technology is suitable for aviation.

The advantages of our torque sensors
for the aviation industry at a glance

  • All aviation suitability qualification tests have been passed
  • Very low weight and Space-saving integration
  • Extremely long service life
  • Particularly robust even under challenging conditions
  • Very precise and reliable

Passenger planes and helicopters
– where our technology flies

The challenges and projects of aviation are enormously diverse. Just like our sensors. In large passenger aircraft, our torque sensors replace the slipping clutches (the mechanical overload protection) of the landing flaps. This significantly reduces the weight of those aircraft and helps our customers to save fuel and money. But we are also active in the helicopter sector: In ultra-light helicopters, for example, we measure the power output of the turbine in order to achieve ideal control - an important basis for twin operation with two engines.


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