Support in "teaching" the robot
Support of fine sensor technology during gripping
Safety mechanism for braking or stopping on contact of human with robot arm

Smart robots need smart sensors. We build them.

To many German companies Industry 4.0 means: We change our production facilities, turn our factory into a Smart Factory, and are fully committed to digitization and automation. An integral part of it: Smart robots that by now can do much more than just move parts from A to B. But the machines are not only getting smarter, they are also supposed to work faster and more efficiently - while being robust, resilient and as maintenance-free as possible. Every technical failure leads to expensive downtimes and slows down production. Our sensors help you to avoid such failures and optimize your robots.

Torque measurement in the factory of the future - NCTE technology for Industry 4.0

How can our technology make your robots more efficient? We use the magnetostrictive principle. That is: We measure shear, bending and torque of your machines contactless directly at the important components. This has several advantages: Our sensors are maintenance-free and provide you with all relevant measurement data in real time. In addition, there is no need for complex modifications of your machines; we can easily integrate the NCTE sensors into existing systems. You receive precise and reliable data from your robots and thus can improve your production processes in a targeted manner.

The advantages of our sensors for
robots at a glance

  • Easy to integrate into your robots
  • Very fast response
  • Dynamic measurement of shear, bending and torque in real time
  • Short system runtimes
  • Higher efficiency of your robots possible
  • Non-contact measurement; maintenance-free sensors
  • Insensitive to vibrations and extreme temperatures

Areas of robotics where we are already measuring

More and more areas of production can be automated - by industrial robots and similar machines which can do more and more and should become even more efficient. Our sensors are basically suitable for the complete robotics sector and can be used in assembly systems, mobile robots and other fields of application. Our customers in this segment can analyse very precisely whether their robots are working at their limits or still have capacity. And: This will prevent your equipment from being overloaded and from failing.
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