Securing and monitoring of patient and medical device positions
Monitoring the position of medical devices
Critical load conditions can be excluded

Medical technology is demanding.
So are we.

Biomedicine is making great progress and regularly develops impressive new technologies. At the same time, increasingly demanding rules and standards apply in this area. But one thing doesn't change: The focus is on the patient. With our sensors, we want to contribute to medical technology functioning as precisely, efficiently and reliably as possible - so that patients and doctors can fully rely on it.

We measure force, bending
and shear of medical devices - contact-free

Medical technology is complex, but at the same time should be as easy to operate as possible without taking up too much space. That is why we offer particularly space-saving sensors that can be very easily integrated into your medical products - for example through smart and maintenance-free load cardans. NCTE technology uses the principle of magnetostriction, which means: It is contactless and maintenance-free. We measure the force, bending and shear of your biomedical devices and provide you with all relevant data to make your products even better and improve patient safety. Our technology is approved according to medical technology standards and also works under very challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures, chemicals and strong vibrations.

Highest precision for highest patient safety - for example at the operating table

Many medical devices require the smallest movements and forces - we measure them and help to protect patients. The NCTE sensors register occurring forces in real time and transmit the data directly to the controller in your devices. If, for example, our technology registers at the operating table that a patient may be overloaded or trapped due to certain movements, it will forward such critical information directly to the control unit, thus increasing the patient’s safety.

The advantages of NCTE technology
for medical equipment at a glance

  • Many years of experience with biomedical technologies and standards
  • Easy to integrate into all common cardan systems
  • Wide range of applications in medium and large series
  • Simple magnetization of existing components
  • Very precise and reliable measurements
  • Stable even at extreme temperatures and vibrations
  • Insensitive to chemicals, disinfection and ageing
  • Enclosure according to protection class IP67

Medical areas where
NCTE technology works

For years we have been working trustfully with partners in the medical industry in order to offer the safest and most reliable technologies possible. Many thousands of our load cardans are already in use internationally. Our sensors for measuring bending, force and shear work in mobile operating tables, rehab bikes and movement trainers.


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