Maximum reliability on the test bench

High speeds, complex load collectives, oily ambient conditions and often strongly fluctuating temperatures ensure that a test rig must not only operate with extreme precision, but also very robustly. Our reliable and precise torque sensors help to achieve this.

How NCTE can support you

For many years we have been developing sensors for our customers in various fields (automotive, aircraft industry, energy sector, medical technology and some more), which are not only durable and maintenance-free, but also deliver precise results in real time. Our technology is non-contact and speed-independent, the installation in your test bench is very simple - additional installation space is not necessary, nor do you need additional couplings or connecting elements. And: Even in very challenging environments such as oil, dirt and water or extreme temperatures, the NCTE sensors work reliably and immediately provide you with the data you need from your test bench.

The advantages of our sensors
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NCTE and test benches - Application examples

Technology is used when particularly high accuracy and reliability are required. Our previous projects in this area include test rigs for helicopter and aircraft transmissions with very high rotational speeds at large load collectives, test rigs with a measuring point in the oil or whose shaft is oil flushed in the sensor area (e.g. component test rigs for transmissions) or areas of application in which splash water and dirt in the sensor area are unavoidable - for example test rigs for impact wrenches.
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