NCTE develops, manufactures and markets sensors that measure torque, force, shear and bending in e-bikes, machines, vehicles, medical equipment, wind turbines and in many other industrial applications. Our magnetoelastic technology works completely contactless, is highly reliable and maintenance-free.

  • E-bikes have power.
    And we measure it.

    E-bikes and e-pedelecs are becoming more and more popular not only for trips to the mountains, but also for city tours, excursions to the countryside and messenger rides. Our sensors measure whether and to what extent the e-biker is pedaling and thus enable an even, harmonious or even invigorating driving experience - depending on the customer's wishes.

  • Modern test benches
    for maximum reliability

    Each of our sensors gets thoroughly tested before we deliver it. We do this on our modern and certified test benches, which can test and calibrate torque sensors up to 10,000 Nm quickly and efficiently. We also offer this as a service: We can flexibly calibrate all sensor types and makes, also as an express test on request.

  • Dynamic on the track.
    Precise under the hood.

    In motorsport, fast decisions and precise technologies are essential. Our torque sensors work flawlessly in Formula 1 conditions, operating at temperatures from -40°C to 120°C and withstanding even the strongest vibrations on the track. Some of the leading racing teams have relied on our technology for years.

  • Excellent technology
    for excellent vehicles:
    We love automotive.

    The automotive sector is very diverse and continues to develop rapidly. Our technology is suitable for numerous vehicle applications and works precisely and reliably even under challenging conditions. NCTE sensors help you optimize your vehicles and make them both safer and more efficient.

  • These machines work in difficult areas.
    Exactly our terrain.

    Agrarian machines, whether self-propelled or towed, shovel excavators, bulldozers and other off-highway vehicles are used in challenging terrain. They have to function smoothly even under heavy soiling and other extreme conditions. Vehicle damage causes expensive repairs and unnecessary breakdowns. Our technology protects your off-highway fleet and makes it more efficient.

  • Smart Sensors for
    intelligent roboters

    Robots play an important role in modern manufacturing. Not only will the machines become more intelligent, but they will also work faster and more efficiently in the future - and be as maintenance-free as possible. With our sensors, we support you in optimizing your robots and protecting them from expensive technical failures.

  • We'll be there,
    when it counts.

    Medical systems must be 100% safe to protect patients. NCTE sensors measure torque and force without contact and meet the high-quality standards of medical products. Our technology works in moving operating tables, rehab bikes and exercise trainers, for example. Our goal is to develop products for maximum patient safety.

  • Making aviation even more
    reliable and lighter.

    Above the clouds there are special challenges: Aircraft and helicopters have to be very robust, but also as light as possible. The NCTE sensors support both areas: they weigh very little and work extremely reliably over long periods of time. This makes your aircraft even more dependable, safer and more efficient.

  • Wind Turbines wear out.
    Our sensors do not.

    Our sensors detect in real time whether a wind turbine is wearing out and provide all necessary data for optimized maintenance cycles. Rough external conditions do not matter. Our sensors work precisely and flawlessly even in high humidity, salty sea air and fluctuating temperatures.


Our sensors measure forces completely contactless. How does it work? Through the physical principle of magnetostriction: We introduce a longterm stable magnetic field into the shaft during the production process and measure the change in the magnetic field. NCTE technology therefore requires no strain gauges or telemetry, does not require readjustment and is completely wear-free. And the magnetostrictive sensors provide you with very accourate data in real time - even in challenging environments: You can use our products under water, in oil and in difficult weather conditions.


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Made in Germany

100% of our technology is Made in Germany. We research and develop our torque sensors completely at our headquarters in Oberhaching, Bavaria, and deliver them from here to the world. NCTE is a technology company that masters series production and develops highly specialized solutions for its customers. We have been researching and working in the field of sensor technology since 2003, have been granted more than 20 patent families and are ISO 9001 certified. NCTE is your partner for innovative torque sensors. We help you make your products even more efficient and safe.
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