Force measurement at the pitch control
For early detection of wear (optimisation of maintenance cycles)

We measure the power of the wind –
our technology in wind turbines

During storms, wind turbines are subjected to enormous forces. While this generates a lot of regenerative electricity, the plants themselves are heavily stressed. Gearboxes, bearings and other wind turbine components wear out or, in the worst case, suffer major damage. With our sensors we help to avoid this scenario and to keep the systems running so that the wheels do not stand still and cause high losses. NCTE is your expert for measurement technology in wind turbines.

Wind turbines wear out.
Our sensors do not.

The NCTE technology works completely contactless. We use the principle of magnetostriction, which works without maintenance and wear. Our sensors detect in real time whether a wind turbine is wearing out and provide all necessary data for optimized maintenance cycles. Rough external conditions do not matter. Our sensors work precisely and flawlessly even in high humidity, salty sea air and fluctuating temperatures.

The advantages of our torque sensors for
wind power plants at a glance

  • Non-contact measurement; wear- and maintenance-free
  • Permanently stable even under extreme weather conditions
  • Insensitive to humidity, salty air and temperature changes
  • High permissible dynamic loads
  • Early detection of peak loads to avoid damage

Precise measurements at every beat of the wings-
where NCTE measures wind power

Our customers in the wind power sector use NCTE measurement sensors when developing, testing and series-producing new plants. Our technology is also used to monitor pitch adjustments. If damage occurs to a system, our sensors can clearly assign the forces involved. We protect the blades of your wind turbines from breaking: For this purpose, we measure the load conditions of the motors during operation and in non-powered operation. On this basis, we can determine the load on your wind turbine - and adjust the design (pitch control) of the turbine accordingly. Our technology is also used in endurance tests of new wind turbines. There our sensors monitor the mechanical nacelle rotation (azimuth) and document the load changes. This enables us to detect wear at an early stage - and you can avoid expensive downtimes of your plant.
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