Extruders have to do more and more.
Our measuring technology can help.

It is a manufacturing device that has existed for over 100 years: The extruder. However, the versatile machines have developed considerably over the years and the demands placed on them are constantly increasing - extruders have to work more and more productively in the production of plastics, foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals. At the same time, there should be no compromises in product quality. A difficult balance that is particularly difficult to achieve with complex systems (e.g. twin-screw or multi-screw extruders). Because higher productivity usually means higher torque density which in turn can stress the material beyond its load limit. NCTE sensors help you to make your extruders as efficient as possible - and minimize expensive repairs and maintenance.

How our torque sensors work
in extrusion

Our technology measures by magnetostriction, i.e. contactless - directly on the shaft. This works in real time and provides you directly with all information about the torques on each individual screw. Our sensors are attached to the gear output shafts or the corresponding coupling pieces where they measure the torque precisely and reliably. This enables you to optimize your production processes and to evaluate exactly at any time whether there is a risk of overload at any point.

The advantages of our torque sensors
for extruders at a glance

  • Very easy to retrofit existing systems
  • Cost-effective sensors
  • Fewer failures of your extruders, thus requiring less maintenance
  • Increased efficiency and documented process monitoring
  • Space-saving - no additional components on the shaft/coupling required
  • Automatic control of drive parameters possible

Extruders work in many areas –
and we can support them everywhere

The machines can be used in a variety of areas, for example in the plastics industry or in food production. Our sensors are just as flexible: Our technology works, for example, in extruders in the pilot plant to optimize processes and protect the machines. And: We support several customers in the plastics sector to keep their plants as maintenance-free as possible and to improve the production performance of their extruders.
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