Straightening machines –
exact sensors for exact production

Short throughput times, precise production: Straightening machines in the sheet metal processing industry have to work very precisely, otherwise sheets may bend or slip through. And: Even with very fast production processes, it is important not to overload the machines - in the worst case there is a risk of broken cardan shafts, extensive repairs and production downtimes. NCTE technology helps to protect your straightening machines and at the same time allows you to make your production even more efficient and better.

How we can support
your manufacturing processes

Our torque sensors measure the forces at the cardan shafts and the corresponding coupling pieces in straightening machines without contact. We have developed our technology so that it takes up very little space and can be easily integrated into your production machines. In addition, our sensors are particularly robust and always work reliably and precisely under strong vibrations, bends or other challenging environmental conditions.

The advantages of NCTE technology
for straightening machines at a glance

  • Cost-effectively retrofittable
  • Significantly higher efficiency for your straightening machines
  • Very accurate measurement results
  • Compact and space-saving sensors without additional components
  • Very robust against vibrations, bends and extreme temperatures
  • Not affected by lubricants or other chemicals

These straightening machines contain our sensors

NCTE technology already works in several manufacturing processes, for example our sensors measure the torques on the cardan shafts of straightening machines. This enables us to detect in real time whether an overload is imminent - and our customers can avoid production downtimes. We also do this in the aluminium industry: Our technology checks in good time whether aluminium sheets get wedged, thus ensuring accurate and precise throughput.
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