Ensuring the optimal flow of material
Protects against damage and ensures optimum maintenance intervals
Monitoring and optimisation of the real-time
Increased driving comfort through torque-based steering assistance

New PTO torque sensor PTO 7300

We are expanding our product portfolio in the agricultural sector: The new non-contact torque sensor PTO 7300 is a compact sensor for immediate use with the gearing standard 1 3/8 inch 6-piece and can be mounted between the tractor and the attached agricultural machine without tools.
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PTO Sensor 7300 als Plug & Play für die Landwirtschaft 4.0.

In the agricultural industry, speed and efficiency count. Exactly our field.

It is not only during harvest time that agricultural vehicles such as harvesters or balers must work particularly efficiently, quickly and reliably. Every interruption causes costs, and in the worst case can lead to crop failures and thus cost cash. This is a major challenge for agricultural machinery manufacturers: After all, their machines should function at the optimum load point and at the same time not be overloaded. NCTE's robust sensors help to optimise these vehicles and protect them from failure. To ensure that your products meet the high demands of your customers, we offer you the optimal sensor solution. We supply sensors [Link Series 7000] for the PTO to determine the power consumption of the attachment in real time up to highly integrated sensors for fine tuning to the current conditions in daily work. In short: we accompany you from the first test through development to (large) series delivery.

How we can make your special machines

Our technology measures loads and load changes highly dynamically and in real time directly on the shaft. With these signals, you can set up a control loop and thus ensure demand-optimised and efficient adjustment of your machines. Create a competitive advantage with sensor-controlled machines. The measurements work completely contact-free - this means our sensors are maintenance-free and wear-free. And: the technology works with repeat accuracy and long-term stability. In addition, it is very robust and reliably measures the forces in your vehicles even with strong vibrations, in dirt, oil and water. Even aggressive liquids such as harvest juice are no obstacle for us.

The advantages of NCTE technology
for your agricultural machinery

  • Low installation space requirement and therefore easy to integrate
  • Non-contact and wear-free measuring system
  • Long service life and high operational reliability
  • Direct measurement on the shaft no telemetry or slip ring necessary
  • Resistant to strong vibrations, and insensitive to dust, oil, water and crop juice
  • Further increase the efficiency of your vehicles
  • Continuous monitoring, improved protection against failures

What farmers are already using our sensors for

The range of agricultural vehicles is enormous, and the requirements are usually high: maximum output, greatest possible reliability. In fertiliser spreaders, for example, we ensure that precisely these goals are achieved. Our sensor signals provide the basis for control, but also detect faults and problems in the machines to avoid breakdowns and repairs - keyword "predictive maintenance". Another example: NCTE technology also works in balers. There, we help control the travel speed and adjust the baler for the maximum permissible throughput of the bale material (hay/grass/straw). This allows our customers to optimise the utilisation of the machine and work even more efficiently.
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