Monitoring and optimization of the drive setup in real time
Ensuring the tightening torque of the wheels up to completely networked pitstop equipment
Visualisierung des optimalen Schaltzeitpunktes (Gangwechsel)
Monitoring and optimization of the drive setup in real time

The Best Sensors for the Fastest Cars
– NCTE in Motorsports

Racing drivers are only as good as their vehicles. On the track, every screw and every adjustment must fit perfectly - especially under high stress levels, strong vibrations and enormous temperatures. We understand what matters for racing cars in professional motorsports. Our torque sensors are easy to integrate, wear-free and extremely robust. That's why our technology is particularly suitable for motorsports. We help you get the most out of your racers.

How our torque sensors work in racing cars

Our NCTE sensors sit directly on the vehicle's power-transmitting shaft. This enables us to measure and optimize launch control, traction control, differential setup, engine control and aerodynamics. Our sensors require little space - if required, we can install our measuring coils directly in the clutch release to measure the torque. We achieve this with a wide variety of sensor housings such as half shells or measuring sleeves.

The advantages of our sensors
for motorsports at a glance

  • Simple installation
  • Extremely space - saving - your original design will not be compromised
  • Non-contact measurement; wear- and maintenance-free
  • Precise measurement even with strong vibrations
  • Very small and compact designs are possible (30 mm x 8 mm)
  • Compatible with all common monitoring systems (CAN bus, USB, analogue)
  • Perfect interaction with typical motorsport steel grades
  • No extra weight on the primary sensor
  • Temperature insensitive between -40 °C and 120 °C
  • Integrated temperature and speed sensor

Which Racing Teams Trust NCTE

We love motorsports and cooperate enthusiastically with racing experts. Some of the best known racing teams from Formula 1 and other racing classes have been successfully using our technology for years to optimize their cars and take them to the performance limit.

Red Bull KTM MotoGP

The Red Bull KTM MotoGP Factory Racing Team uses NCTE sensors to measure torque and temperature in the gearbox output. This is particularly space-saving: the output shaft itself becomes the primary sensor. Inside the shaft, a mini-sensor detects the magnetic field changes completely contact-free. The additional weight is limited to a few grams; KTM does not have to change its original design. The racing team receives the sensor data in real time, optimizes the performance of the motorcycle accordingly and monitors the condition of the transmission during the race.

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